Frequently Asked Questions

Is my event date Available?

It depends on our schedule or if we are booked. LWD needs at least a 3-4 week notice on all cake orders, but it will not hurt to call and see if your date is available.

What are the business hours to call?

Monday 10am-6pm, Tuesday – Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-2pm | Sunday – Closed, please do not call unless you already have an appointment scheduled for this day.

Can I visit your location?

No, the location we use to bake is very small, and busy. Once we move to our new location, then sure that would not be a problem.

How much are your cakes?

Since each of our cakes is completely custom made, and the range of what we do is so varied, an exact price list is impossible to publish. 

How do I order a cake?

To start the ordering process you can fill out our online CAKE ORDER FORM, call LWD or send us an email at:

Your email should contain the following information:

  • Date of your event
  • The occasion
  • The event location (delivery address and delivery time)
  • How many people you will need to serve
  • Your daytime number
  • Your email address
  • An idea of what kind of cake your looking for

-We will then contact you to discuss your order and/or schedule an appointment.

Do you have tastings?

Yes, LWD has cake-tastings for wedding cake orders only. There is a non-refundable $35.00 deposit required for tasting appointments (2 person max). The $35.00 deposit will be deducted from the final cost of your cake should you chose our services.

Do you deliver?

Delivery is available for all cakes. Delivery costs are calculated by distance traveled and are roughly $55.00 per half hour, or fraction of.

Do you recommend customers to pick up their cake versus delivery?

While it’s not a problem for clients to pick up or transport smaller cakes, self-transporting any cakes is at your own risk. LWD does not recommend self-transporting a cake that is over 2 tiers tall, or 3D Sculptured. Once your cake has left the hands of LWD we are not responsible for any damages that may occur once it has left our bakery.

Do you ship cakes?

We do not currently ship cakes.

Are you hiring?

We are not currently hiring any staff, interns, etc.

Do you make vegan or diabetic cakes?

Sorry, at the present time we do not make vegan or gluten free cakes.